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 We have puppies! Pups were born 11-5-15, ready to go 12-31-15!

Cane Corso Breeder Producing Quality Affordable Dogs.

Located in Massillon, Ohio.  I am a small breeder and exhibitor, who has been involved with  this wonderful breed since 2005.  I have experience with many different large breed dogs including; the Great Pyrenees, Great Dane,   Wolf Hybrids, Rotties and many other large breeds & mixes... but the breed that truly captivated my heart, is the Cane Corso. 

Each litter is carefully planned, breeding for correct type, temperament, health, and workability, using the finest Cane Corso bloodlines available.  Our dogs will be in good health and health tested, before they are bred. All of our Corsi live inside our home, and are a part of our family, attending family activities as well as everyday errands. 

First and foremost, our dogs are beloved family members.  Our dogs who have produced will live their entire lives here, not being placed after they are retired.  I take great pride in the health, temperament, and well being of our Cane Corsos. 

Our dogs are fed high quality food including The Honest Kitchen (only FDA approved dehydrated human grade dog food), Fromm holistic kibble, with fresh foods and meats. We get our meats from the Amish, directly from the farm. That means: only grade A fresh meats, NO hormones or animal by products. Feeding only human grade chicken, turkey, beef, veal, fish, eggs, and cottage cheese, we make our own yogurt from scratch.  We also feed a variety of fruits and veggies including:  fresh spinach, cranberries, blueberries, carrots, apples, brussel sprouts, blackberries, pumpkin, sweet potatoes etc. with added supplements.  

We take raising our puppies very seriously, only planning  a few litters from each of our females in their lifetime.  That means we do NOT pump out puppies out of our females every time they go into heat.  All puppies are raised inside our home with constant socialization and interaction from day one.  To learn more about our program, please visit our "available" page.  We want to insure that our puppies go to the very best homes possible, as they are not a breed for everyone. This breed requires a lot of time and effort. Please be sure you have the time to put into your pup before you purchase one

The correct italian pronunciation: Cane (Kah-nay) Corso (Kor-so)

About the breed: The Cane Corso originates from the old Roman War Dog, Canis Pugnax and was used as a gladiator in the arena. Throughout the centuries the Corso's predecessors have been used for big game hunting, drovers, and guardians of livestock, property and family on Italian Farms. Today's Corso is stable, very loyal and submissive to its family. The Corso is a protective dog, suspicious of strangers, and has a strong sense of territory. The breed is intelligent and dominant, needing an owner who can take proper leadership . A confident Cane Corso is gentle and protective of children.  I recommend plenty of early socialization. CC's are social dogs wanting to be close with their master, not your backyard dog. This Mastiff loves regular affection, attention, and interaction with its family. Once you own a Cane Corso, you will never want to own another breed.

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